Cookie Policy

Information We Collect

Information you give us. In your use of the Site, you may provide us with various information thatpersonally identifies you. For example, we collect information from you when you make a bookingthrough our reservation system or stay at the Hotel. Information collected during the course of thereservation and during your stay may include:

  • Your name, email address, home and business address, phone number, nationality and payment cardinformation; and
  • Information such as stay and room preferences made during the course of your reservation such asyour preferred room type and specific requests to the Hotel.
This information may be provided to us directly when you make a reservation through our reservationsystem, through our websites, directly at the hotel or through mobile applications.In some cases,we may receive this information from a third party, such as when you book through an online travelagency or hotel booking site.

Information We Get From Your Use Of The Site.

We also collect information from you when you browse the Site, use our mobile applications orparticipate in certain services at the Hotel, such as wireless internet services. In theseinstances, information such as your country information, internet protocol ("IP") address, mediaaccess control address and other characteristics about your system or device may be automaticallycollected. This information may be collected for functional purposes as well as to improve yourexperience when using these services. This information may also be used for aggregated trend andstatistical analysis, and for showing you more relevant advertisements and messages.Site usage mayalso provide us with other information including, without limitation, domain server, type ofcomputer, and type of web browser and other relevant information about your online experience anduse of the Site.

Information stored On Your computer("Cookie")

When you visit this Site, the Hotel may store some information on your computer. This informationwill be in the form of a "cookie" or similar file and can help us maintain and improve this Site. A"cookie" is a small amount of data that is transferred to your browser by a Web server and can onlybe read by the server that gave it to you. It functions as your identification card, recording suchthings as Internet addresses, passwords, and preferences. When you visit the website again, thecookie allows that site to recognize your browser. It cannot be executed as code or deliver viruses.With most Internet browsers, you can erase "cookies" from your computer hard drive, block all"cookies," or receive a warning before a "cookie" is stored. Please refer to your browserinstructions to learn more about these functions.

How We Use This Information

We use the information collected from you primarily to fulfill your hotelreservation. Prior to your stay, this may include sending your information to the Hotel or sendingyou pre-stay communications. Following your stay, we may also send you post-stay communications andsatisfaction surveys to get feedback on your experience.

In some instances where we have your consent or where permitted under applicable law,we may send you marketing communications (which may include text messages) for products and servicesthat we believe would be relevant for you. We also may use information related to your stay todisplay targeted advertisements on our websites or on third party websites or to send you morerelevant messaging. Additionally, we use this information for purposes of aggregated trend andstatistical analysis to evaluate and improve our products and services, plan new hotel locations andservices and other market research.

Who We share Your Information With:

We will share your information with the Hotel you are staying at to fulfill yourreservation. We may also share your information with third party service providers to provideservices in relation to our business as well as to help us improve our products and services. Forexample, we might use a third party or a third party product for the purposes of market research anddata analytics. In certain instances, subject to local consent requirements, third party serviceproviders may also assist us with various marketing campaigns. We may also share your informationwith third parties to extend special offers about their own products and services to you. Any suchparties will need to agree to comply with our privacy requirements before we provide them withinformation.

Aside from the purposes described above, we do not share your stay information with any other third partiesunless we have your consent or under special circumstances, such as:

  • when we believe in good faith that the disclosure is required by law or to protect thesafety of hotel guests, employees, the public or Hotel property;
  • when disclosure is required to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, subpoena, warrant or legal process; or
  • in the event of a merger, asset sale, or other related transaction.

There may be other times when we collect and use personal information, for example if you choose to participate in one of our competitions or sweepstakes, sign up to receive our newsletters or other special offers and promotions, download one of our mobile applications or participate in one of our other services. In these instances, we will collect information from you for running and administering the respective competition, sweepstakes or service that you have elected to participate in. The information collected may include personal details such as your name, address, and contact information, as well as certain demographic information. In each case, we will collect, use and secure your information in a manner consistent with the general principles set out in this Privacy Policy unless we tell you otherwise.

Data Transfer

As the Hotel is affiliated with other hotels owned by affiliated companies, the information that you provide us during the course of a reservation or through the provision of any other services may be transferred to any of our affiliated entities and hotels around the world for the purposes of carrying out or facilitating these services.

How We Secuer Your Information

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of the information that you provide to us. To do this, technical, physical and organizational security measures are put in place to protect against any unauthorized access, disclosure, damage or loss of your information. The collection, transmission and storage of information can never be guaranteed to be completely secure, however, we take steps to ensure that appropriate security safeguards are in place to protect your information.

Managing Your Information

Through the provision of the services described above, we and in some instances our third party partners and service providers, may communicate with you in relation to a reservation or to support any other services that we provide.

In the event any information that you provide to us is inaccurate and changes need to be made or you would like certain information deleted, your information can be updated on the Site or by contacting a customer service representative at the Hotel.Please note that in some instances it may not be possible to delete certain pieces of your information. In other instances, we may not have the ability to delete certain pieces of information that are stored on our systems or that have been provided to third parties in connection with the services discussed in this Privacy Policy.