Transformation without transition

Transform your hotel business without changing any of your current systems. Your data and credentials are protected,
and your existing setup remains the same - there is nothing to transition.

Through our hospitality accounting software solutions, we offer multiple levels of assistance with your hotel accounting tasks to prevent discrepancies from going unnoticed until it's too late to correct them.

Essential Tier

Ideal for portfolios of two or more hotels, at the Enterprise level you unlock our Accountability Pack. Backed up by a dedicated Cash Flow Protection Team who monitors and validates each step along the way, the Accountability Pack saves you significant time and potential loss by holding each individual hotel accountable for the alerts and notifications surfaced by our tools.

We provide daily reporting

Our team monitors

  • All in One PULSE Dashboard
  • Night Audit Review & Adjustments
  • Expenses
  • Labor Monitoring
  • Funds in Flow
  • Direct Billings
  • Open Balances
  • Rate Check
We execute recurring tasks

We manage recurring assignments

  • Invoicing
  • Daily Activity Posting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Daily reports monitoring
  • Calendar Check
  • Franchise Billing reconciliation
  • GSS Review
  • On-Demand Reporting
The Accountability Pack includes*
Cash flow is threatened when the bank reconciliation takes place only once per month or when receivables are left untouched until an account reaches 90+ days. Our team works with your hotels to make certain issues are handled as soon as they arise. If you have lost money because of misplaced backup documents, mispostings, staff turnover or other frustrating breakdowns in communication, you can rest assured; a team of individuals are tasked with follow-ups on each piece of the puzzle, consequently saving you a tremendous amount of precious time and money.
Invoices are coded and uploaded to match with your GL account, creating a notification for the approver(s) to approve or decline the invoices. Once approved they will be synced into your accounting system.
Daily folios for direct bills are collected and tracked based on your hotel policy to ensure your receivables stay current and don't fall through the cracks due to staff turnover or any other issue.
If a bank deposit is out of balance or missing backup documentation, your Cash Flow Protection Team will follow up directly with the hotel until it is handled, preventing discrepancies from going unnoticed until it's too late to correct them.
Often declined credits are overlooked until it's too late, our team will alert the hotel to track down the issue.
Our team will ensure that the daily trial balance is accurate and recorded successfully into your accounting system. Should there be a lapse with the night audit reports, our dedicated team will reach out to your hotel, to ensure that the reports are received.
We ensure that the hotel team is responding to guest service alerts within the allocated time to avoid missing any deadlines.
Based on the parameters set, our team will monitor any approaching overtime, housekeeping minutes per room, and other metrics to keep your labor expenses from spiraling out of control.
Franchise bills consist of a variety of line items, e.g. booking fees, commissions, loyalty charges etc. Our team will reconcile these line items as well as all the third-party booking commission charges.