Pulse Dashboard

Our Pulse Dashboard is a property-wide view of the health of your business. Quickly review top indicators such as Hotel Revenue , Comparison with Last Year & Budget, Medallia , Star , Labor , AR , AP and even download fully-customizable reports in either Excel or PDF.

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Early Bird

The Early Bird module is a comprehensive and integrated model that measures, analyzes, and showcases hotel performance in all key metrics including rooms, revenue, ADR, occupancy and RevPar. Users can compare hotel performance against budget, last year, and forward-looking business on the books.

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Calendar View

Use Calendar View to store, organize, and access bank deposits and major reports by date so that discrepancies are quickly identified and corrected. Calendar View allows hotel teams to upload back-up documents such as deposit slips and checks, eliminating the need to chase down reconciliation details at month-end.

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Night Audit+

Night Audit+ filters through data from nightly reports so that you can take action. Isolate your areas of focus, such as declined credit cards, room rates that are below threshold, or high balances, before it's too late. Night Audit+ is configured to give you the information you want, and you can also drill down into the details.

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QuickBooks Integration

Daily trial balances are automatically synced to QuickBooks, eliminating manual data entry and avoiding any miscoding. This integration can be customized to work with any accounting software.

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Happy Guest

Happy Guest integrates with Medallia to compile all guest feedback in one place. View customer reviews, track hotel team responses, and monitor your guest satisfaction scores.

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STR™ Report

We consolidate STR Report data across your portfolio and maintain original reports for download with a single click.

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Accounts Payable Portal

Invoices entered into A/P Portal are pushed directly into QuickBooks, saving time and eliminating manual entry mistakes.

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Labor Snapshot

With Labor Snapshot, you can review your hotel portfolio's labor information on one screen, with a consolidated view of all hotels that includes labor hours, housekeeping minutes per room (MPR) and overtime risks.

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Coming Soon
Complete Labor with Time clock and Integration with payroll companies
Document Management system with reminders
Budgeting and
Franchise Billing and TA reconciliation reports Booking.com. Expedia reconciliation
Bank statement and Credit card report Integration and reconciliation with OCR
Advance Reporting with Artificial Intelligence
Integration with different accounting applications, Such as Sage, Xero and more.
Integration with different payroll applications, Such as ADP, Paychex, Paycom and more.
Advance AP module
with Bill Pay
AR Automation and
CLC Reconciliation
Revenue Management